AJ Cass
Managing Director, Bear Stearns
I buy all of my suits from Chris, and have for many years. There is no reason not to, it’s just so easy. Chris takes care of everything right in my office…we choose patterns, have fittings and then the product is delivered directly to me. This really takes the hassle out of buying my clothing and having to go to the store at least three times for each purchase. The fit is superior and I am able to add nice details like buttons and stitching. Chris also has an outstanding selection for all my formal wear to my casual wear.
Lou Vitta
President, Man Capital
Chris makes it so easy to buy my clothing, what could be more convenient than coming right to my office? This alone would not keep me buying all of my clothing from Chris. He is very honest and his professional service results in understanding my tastes in clothing, hence I get what I want and the fit I want. I have purchased numerous suits, sport jackets, pants and ties from Chris and I am satisfied on all fronts.
Hal Beretz
President, Tendler Beretz
I have been a customer of Chris’ for many years. I am most satisfied as he makes good clothing and is a pleasure to work with. My wardrobe is entirely in Chris’ hands!
Mike Corasaniti
Managing Director, Pequot Capital
Looking my best is important to me and I really enjoy fashion. Chris offers such a great selection as far as fabrics and styles. I’ve been able to add some interesting items to my wardrobe with a lot of extra detailing. The quality is outstanding and the fit is superb. The convenience that Chris’ service offers is icing on the cake. He takes care of everything in my office and takes one headache out of my hectic life!
Gerard Pompilio
Chief Investment Officer, First Spring Corporation
Working with Chris is really a no-brainer. I don’t have the time or the desire to go shopping on the weekends, and now I don’t have to. Chris brings everything to me and offers great advice and recommendations. He knows what I like and narrows things down for me so it takes even less time. I wouldn’t by my clothing any other way!
Charlie Hatton
Senior Vice President, Man Financial
Chris’ professionalism and attention to detail has made me his customer for life. I trust him completely to offer advice and make suggestions about what I should add to my wardrobe and he offers such a wide selection. I also never worry about the quality of what I am going to get because Chris’ clothing is of the highest caliber and he has my fit down perfectly.
Dave Neuwirth
Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
I’ve worked with Chris for many years. He provides outstanding service and is always willing to go the extra mile. I really appreciate all he does for me. I’ve never had anyone who takes my wardrobe into their hands the way Chris does.
Ed Devine
Managing Director, CIT Group
I appreciate quality above all else. The suits I have purchased from Chris are the best I have in my closet. His fabric selection is outstanding and of the finest in the world. He has offered me the best fit I have every gotten. He also takes care of any tailoring needs I might have. He has provided me with the most professional service and I
appreciate all he has done for me.
Ethan Heisler
Managing Director, Citigroup
I would not think of wearing a suit, jacket or pair of slacks that Chris did not sell to me. His product knowledge, service and eye for style is excellent. He is responsible for all of the clothes in my closet.

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