Custom suits start at $1095, sport coats at $895 and shirts at $165.  Prices are dictated by fabric and the level of handwork involved. Package pricing will allow you to save money by purchasing multiple items.

Not necessarily. We have customers who place orders by phone and email without being re-measured, however if your body has changed size or shape, getting remeasured would be ideal.

Many of our fabrics are timeless and are always available.  Twice per year we refresh our line with new selections in each product category. Typically, this corresponds with the Spring/Summer season (Jan-June) and the Fall/Winter season (July-December). We also receive fresh supplements throughout each season to keep the line full and fresh.

Delivery times can vary, but generally you will receive suits/sportcoats/pants within 4-6 weeks and shirts within 3-5 weeks.
We completely guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the fit of a garment we have made for you, we will fix it or remake it to your satisfaction.
Absolutely. One of the most valuable services we provide is an on site tailoring service with our master tailor who can alter recent clothing purchases as well as any garments in your closet that need to be refitted, i.e… you’ve lost or gained weight.
Good question—it depends a lot on how often your wear a suit. If you wear a suit everyday, a two week rotation would be a good minimum. If you wear a suit 1-2 times per week, you may be able to get by with less.
Again, this depends a lot on how often you are wearing them. If every day, a one month’s rotation (22-25) would be a nice amount, although there are plenty of people who have more and a number who have less.
As little as possible. Ideally, no more than one time per quarter. Pressing your suits will take away the wrinkles as well as NOT subject your suits to all the chemicals from dry cleaning. Ultimately, too many dry cleanings will take the life out of your suits, giving them a very stiff, or lifeless, feel.
Our customization process allows you to choose the exact details you want for your clothing. From buttons and vents to pockets and lapels and collars and cuffs, you say how you want it and that’s how we will make it for you. Since each of our garments is made to your exact measurements, the days of searching for clothing to fit your specific body type are now a thing of the past. We use only the finest quality fabrics to create customized clothing that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd.