How we work

We start with an in-person consultation at a location that is most convenient for you (typically your office or home). We will inquire about your needs and wants as well as your circumstances, profession, lifestyle, and budget. We offer our professional expertise to guide you in choosing from our abundant selection of fabrics as well as styling details to create a wardrobe that will serve you for years to come.
We then take a series of 35 measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Our long-time experience in custom clothing gives us the expertise to develop a pattern that best suits your measurements and build. We then send your measurements, fabrics choices and styling options to our tailoring facility where your garments are constructed.
Once they are complete, we will schedule a fitting. If needed, alterations are marked and taken care of by our master tailor. We then make the required adjustments to your pattern so that future fittings are spot on. A record of your purchases is kept on file making it easy and efficient to make subsequent purchases. We are always a phone call away to make any future adjustments in the case of weight gain or weight loss.